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Collpsed bridge in Genoa

The recovery operations under the collapsed bridge in Genoa

FLORENCE, ITALY – Italian Firefighters and other rescue teams have been working since Tuesday August 14, 2018, to search for survivors among towering slabs of concrete wreckage after a bridge on the A10 motorway linking Genoa to France gave way sending dozens of vehicles crashing onto a a railway, two warehouses and a river.

The victims are actually 38 according to the Italian authorities, but 10-20 people are still missing. The causes of the collapse are still unknown, but no external event has caused it. The prevailing hypothesis is a structural failure in a bridge, built in the 60s, which was under maintenance for many years.

The Morandi viaduct, named after the engineer who built it, is currently flying over the Bravo helicopter of the Italian Fire Brigade, who are still engaged with the dog units in the recovery operations.

Lega Serie A has postponed Sampdoria vs Fiorentina and Milan vs Genoa following the Morandi Bridge disaster in Genoa on Tuesday. The matches will be rescheduled in due course.


Firefighters at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Firefighters rushed to Florence’s Uffizi gallery

Firefighters rushed to Florence’s Uffizi gallery on Thursday November 30, 2017.

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Livorno flood death toll up to eight

FLORENCE, ITALY – The death toll of the flash floods that hit the Tuscan city of Livorno due to storms at the weekend climbed to eight on Tuesday when the body of the last missing person, a 67-year-old was found.

The body of a missing young woman was found Monday in a private garden engulfed in mud in the Antignano area, not far from Rio Ardenza, taking the death toll to seven and leaving just one missing person.

The Fire Department was also in Rosignano Solvay, a seaside town a few kilometers from Livorno, to remove any exposed parts of buildings and rooftops that risked falling, after the wave of bad weather on the September, 10, 2017.

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Authorities in the coastal city have pointed the finger at the civil protection department and weathermen for allegedly not alerting them to the flood danger. Four of the victims were members of the same family who were trapped by flood waters in their basement.


Livorno floods kill six people

Livorno flooding kills six people at the weekend

FLORENCE, ITALY – Six people were killed and two are missing after floods caused by torrential rain in Livorno at the weekend.

Four members of a family were killed when their basement apartment flooded. One girl was rescued by her grandfather, but he died when he returned to attempt for his other family members.

The city in Tuscany was the worst hit, but weather warnings have been issued for much of the country.  Rome was also flooded in several parts and various metro stations were closed because of flooding. The storm front has now moved further south with flooding in and around Salerno, while mud and rocks have engulfed basements in and around Avellino.

There has also been flooding in Palermo and Catania, where gales have felled trees, while there have been storms all night in the Aeolian Islands. There has been disruption to train services around Mt Vesuvius and between Naples and Rome with some trains delayed by as much as four hours. A stretch of the A2 motorway near Reggio Calabria was closed after a landslide.

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Premier Paolo Gentiloni urged “all the institutions in Livorno to collaborate without sparking rows, focusing on the community” after the accusations that warnings on the deadly floods came too late. “To the victims go not only our thoughts but also the solidarity of the whole country,” Gentiloni added.

Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti said on his arrival in Livorno : “I don’t think this is an emergency, it would be wrong to call it an emergency”. He said the rain-fed floods were the result of “climate change, and other (factors)”. Galletti said the government had earmarked “millions of euros to clean up rivers and sewer systems, and now this money must be spent”.

Large fire in Maremma burning 150 hectares of woodland

Large fire in Maremma burning 150 hectares of woodland

FLORENCE, ITALY – A huge fire, fueled by wind, hit the woods around Castiglione della Pescaia (Grosseto), in Maremma, Southern Tuscany.

The flames also threatened some homes and the smoke was visible to kilometers away. Firefighters have evacuated a tourist residence.

After turning off the fire, firefighters began cleaning up operations in the area. According to local authorities, it burned more than 150 hectares of Mediterranean vegetation.

Puppies saved in the hotel Rigopiano

Three puppies found alive in the hotel Rigopiano

FLORENCE, ITALY – Three puppies found alive in the rubble of the avalanche-hit Rigopiano Hotel in Abruzzo Monday January 23, 2017.

The puppies were said to be in good health after almost five days buried in freezing snow. The dogs are a local breed, Abruzzo shepherds.

Their parents, Nuvola and Lupo, escaped the hotel’s collapse and came downhill a few days ago.

Eleven survived the disaster, including nine who were pulled out of the ruins by search teams, while 23 others who were inside the hotel when it was hit by an avalanche on Wednesday are still missing.

The Abruzzo region where the hotel was located was gripped by subfreezing temperatures and snow with one in four residents without power, multiple roads blocked and floods when it was shaken by four earthquakes between L’Aquila and Rieti in Lazio that wreaked further havoc in the area.

People saved by firefighters at the hotel Rigopiano

Relief efforts after the Abruzzo avalanche

FLORENCE, ITALY – Firefighters at work from hours to retrieve survivors of the hotel Rigopiano, engulfed by an avalanche last Wednesday January 18, 2017. There are currently a total of ten people survived with certainty to the tragedy.

In the first group of six people identified this morning, two have already been extracted from the rubble and a third is about to be pulled out, while firefighters continue to work to unearth the other three people.

The rescuers were also able to establish a voice contact with four other people, a man, a woman and two children.

Firefighters at work in the hotel Rigopiano Gran Sasso

Firefighters at work in the hotel Rigopiano

FLORENCE, ITALY – Firefighters at work in the hotel Rigopiano Gran Sasso, hit by an avalanche after the earthquake of January 18, 2017. Two babies among eight found alive in the Hotel.

Rescuers have called for helicopters to ferry the survivors from the remote hotel which is now almost completely buried.

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The earthquakes, four of which were stronger than magnitude 5, terrified residents of rural areas who were already struggling with harsh conditions after heavy snowfall buried phone lines and took out power cables.

A Firenze una serata per aiutare i terremotati

FIRENZE – Dopo le quattro fortissime scosse di terremoto che hanno colpito l’Italia centrale il 18 gennaio 2017, a pochi mesi dal sisma che ha distrutto Amatrice e altri paesi sugli Appennini, un’altra tragedia ha scosso quelle popolazioni: l’hotel Rigopiano a Farindola, sul Gran Sasso, è stato spazzato via da una slavina, probabilmente originata proprio dall’evento sismico.

I soccorsi sono ancora in corso e da tutta Italia privati e associazioni si stanno mobilitando per raccogliere fondi e materiale che possa essere utile nelle zone terremotate.

A Firenze una raccolta fondi pro-terremotati è stata indetta da sei Rotary Club: Il Rotary Club Fiesole, il Rotary Club Firenze Sesto-Calenzano, il Rotary Club Firenze Valdisieve, il Rotary Club Mugello, il Rotary Club San Casciano Chianti ed il Rotary Club Scandicci.

Venerdì 27 gennaio 2017, alle 20, all’hotel 500 (via di Tomerello 1, Campi Bisenzio, Firenze) è stata organizzata una cena di beneficienza, accesso 50 euro. Ospiti dell’evento: Alessandro Masti, Lorenzo Baglioni, Veronica Granatiero e Valentina Carnelutti.

L’evento è stato organizzato congiuntamente dai presidenti dei club Michele Taccetti, Marco Baillot, Carlo Cossi, Sauro Vallucci, Giampaolo Pacini e Flavio Bindi.

Maggiori informazioni e prenotazioni alla mail: rotarytoscana1@gmail.com

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False bomb threat at Pitti Uomo 91 in Florence

False bomb threat at Pitti Uomo fashion fair

The bomb alarm sparked by an abandoned suitcase near the ticket office for the Pitti Uomo men’s fashion fair at Florence’s Fortezza da Basso is over.

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