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Santa Fiora, Tuscany

Tuscany leads the ranking of the Orange Flags

The Italian Touring Club (TCI) awarded its Orange Flag for tourism excellence to 227 Italian borghi for the three-year period from 2018 to 2020.

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BTO 2017, Florence, Italy

BTO online tourism expo reaches accord with art cities

Buy Tourism Online (BTO), the online tourism expo based in Florence, Italy, has reached an agreement with major Italian art cities to help better manage tourism.

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Ponte Vecchio

Four Italian cities top world destinations

Italy’s most-visited cities also included Milan in 27th position, followed by Venice in 38th and Florence in 44th, according to the ranking drafted by the leading market research provider.

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Oltrarno, the first app for the other side of Florence

FLORENCE, ITALY – There’s another side of Florence waiting to be discovered, just over the Arno, filled with artisan workshops, quaint restaurants and trattorie and Florentines who still carry out their daily lives far from the tourist crowds. Oltrarno su misura is the first guide dedicated entirely to the Oltrarno and its dense weave of small streets that wind around the most famous noble palaces and their magnificent gardens, the churches overlooking the lively piazzas and the thousands of aromas wafting from the workshops, permeating every corner of the city.

The guide has come to fruition after two years of hard work by the City of Florence, the Florence Chamber of Commerce, Oltrarno Promuove 2.0, and the trade associations, with the contribution of Fondazione CR Firenze. The journey through this other side of Florence unfolds across 280 pages of never-before-seen images taken by a team headed by photographer Dario Garofalo, curated by the publisher Gruppo Editoriale.

Oltrarno su misura is also a free app, Oltrarno App: with one click, you can explore these places, all geolocated, for the best Oltrarno experience possible.

The knowledge from which the Oltrarno gains its strength is the result of an unparalleled tradition of craftsmanship. Oltrarno su misura is a collection of the fruits of these experiences, presenting them to you with spotlights dedicated to artists, craftsmen, antiques dealers and the faces of fashion, food, theater and a lifestyle that has made Florence famous throughout the world.

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Oltrarno su misura tells of a Florence marked by authenticity, waiting to be discovered and explored, step after step, with four itineraries through the neighbourhoods that mirror the great soul found of the left bank of the Arno:  San Frediano, Porta Romana, Santo Spirito and San Niccolò. Each one has its own story, what makes it special, and each one offers an exclusive look at the different microcosms that are filled to the brim with craftsmanship and poetry.

The guide accompanies readers through the beauty of one-of-a-kind places, true –must-sees: 13 museums, 14 churches, palaces, of which the guide has selected the 27 most important ones, and gardens, the green lungs of Florence.

Enriching this tale of Florence are curiosities: from the origins of the calcio storico, to the Sala Bianca, where Italian fashion as born, to the tabernacles and gonfalons, the earliest precursors to quarters. Finally, the more than 800s botteghe, or workshops, can be found listed inside the guide.

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The free controlled wi-fi connection in the Uffizi Gallery is now available

A new digital season for the Uffizi Gallery

The new website opens a brand new season for the Uffizi Galleries.

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The Tuscan experience

Weddings, museums, wine: the Tuscan experience

Luxury tours offered as part of initiatives by the Tuscan regional government and tourism promotion office.

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#EnjoyRespectFirenze campaign

Florence launches #EnjoyRespectFirenze campaign

The city of Florence unveiled the new campaign #EnjoyRespectFirenze, with a warning to tourists that visitors respect the Florentines.

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The online guide of Florence

The ultimate official Florence guide is online

FLORENCE, ITALY – Describing Florence is a challenge that has captivated many over the years: artists, historians, travelers and writers alike. Each one brought a fresh new perspective of their own to the task. The new multimedia Florence guide named Experience Florence (English version) curated by the city of Florence and produced by Mus.e does the same, adopting an unconventional approach in terms of both the topics covered and the format used.

The new Florence guide is online in eight other languages: Italian, ArabChinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.

The Chinese cover of the Experience Florence guide
The Chinese cover of the Experience Florence guide

Various topics promote every kind of tourism imaginable in this Florence guide: from the traditional artistic and museum tours, a must-see in Florence, to activities for families and children, via sports and urban trekking among the area’s leafy hills. And there’s more: food and wine, crafts, tradition, fashion, shopping, and all kinds of cultural events for both young and old.

Every theme has its place in this dynamic and interactive digital booklet, which includes an innovative combination of photo galleries, videos and writing. The Florence guide named Experience Florence takes readers inside the city, giving the chance to get to know every aspect of it and to truly experience its unique culture, history and beauty.

The historic centre of Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an open-air gallery where you can admire the facades of the awe-inspiring basilicas and cathedrals that form its unmistakable skyline, and see the lavish palaces that tell the story of the different periods of the city’s history: from the birthplace of the Renaissance to the capital of Italy, all the way through to the first half of the twentieth century when Florence became a hub for the avant-garde.

The Florence cultural imaginary has contributed to the creation of Western civilisation as we know it, laying the foundations for the aesthetic, educational, scientific, culinary, political and artistic principles that surround us today.

Thanks to the foresight of the last representative of the House of Medici, Anna Maria Luisa, who ensured that the fall of a dynasty did not bring about the death of Florence’s culture, the city now preserves its heritage in a vast network of museums, where a constant process of restoration, preservation and renovation aims to establish Florence as the art and history capital of the world.

The inestimable historical and artistic value of the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Gallery, the Bargello National Museum, Palazzo Pitti and the Medici Chapels sits alongside buildings that examine more recent history, such as the Museo Novecento and the temporary exhibitions at Forte di Belvedere and Palazzo Strozzi. The choices on offer range from Palazzo Vecchio, a museum and still the centre of administrative power even today, to the more recent scientific, academic and fashion museums.

Listing the great artists and masterpieces housed in the museums that preserve Florence’s immense heritage would perhaps be redundant given their fame. However, admiring this vast treasure trove certainly is not – this heritage belongs not only to Florence, but to humanity as a whole. It is our history, preserved and accessible to all.


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Tickets possible for Venice

Contesting the tourist tax suggested by Venice

The tourist tax suggested by Venice does not like other Italian cities and the Culture minister Dario Franceschini.

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Italy top wedding destinations

Italy top wedding destination, research says

Italian wedding destinations are increasingly popular, according to data released by the Florence-based Tourism research center Centro Studi ahead of the Buy Wedding in Italy Tour event running from February 23 through April 11, 2017.

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