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Ponte Vecchio in Florence

American tourist writes on Ponte Vecchio

An American tourist wrote a message in English with marker pen on Ponte Vecchio bridge. She risks a one-year suspended jail term and a 3,000-euro fine.

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F-Light Festival in Florence, Italy

F-Light, the light festival brings magic in Florence

F-Light, the Florence light festival, brings beauty, magic and atmosphere in the city center.

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Firefighters at work on the Lungarno after the collapse

Firefighters at work on the Lungarno after the collapse

FLORENCE, ITALY – A 200-metre-long hole opened up in a road running next to the Arno River in central Florence early on Wednesday May 25, 2016, on Lungarno Torrigiani, between the worldwide famous Ponte Vecchio and Ponte alle Grazie bridges.

«No one is injured, there’s just damage, damages are estimated in 5 million Euros,» said Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella last night. Around 20 cars parked in the area were taken into the hole. The residents of two apartment buildings next to it have been told to leave their homes as a precaution. Firefighters with the Civil Defence and other law enforcement agencies have been working around the clock to secure the area. The huge hole have been caused by a burst water pipe.

The collapse of the Lungarno has reminded the Florentines that 50 years ago, exactly in November 1966, Florence has suffered one of the worst floods in its history.

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Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio, the awaited book by Chris Dobson

The long-awaited new book by Chris Dobson The Ponte Vecchio – The Old Bridge of Florence will be out on December 1, 2015.

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Free Tibet flag on Ponte Vecchio

8 marzo, sul Ponte Vecchio per le donne tibetane

Sul Ponte Vecchio per protestare contro l’opposizione cinese al riconoscimento del Tibet.

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Santo Stefano al Ponte

Van Gogh, a multimedia experience in Florence

The Van Gogh Alive multimedia exhibit that opened in Florence this week through April 12 vies to redefine a traditional museum experience by projecting high-definition images of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces in larger-than-life scale.

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Fous de Bassin

Ponte Vecchio, a night with lights and emotions

On the occasion of Firenze Hometown of Fashion, Stefano Ricci will enhance the city of Florence, Italy, with the new lighting of Ponte Vecchio, celebrating this donation with a great water show on the Arno river.

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Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy (Photo: Marco Bastiani)

Bocelli to turn on new Ponte Vecchio lights

Andrea Bocelli will turn on the Ponte Vecchio’s new eco-friendly lighting system on the evening of June 16, Mayor Dario Nardella said.

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Three snatching in the center of Florence

PoliceThree snatching in an hour last night in the center of Florence. Targeted by two men on a scooter two tourists and a Florentine girl.

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