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New website, Visittuscany, offers a sweeping view of Tuscany

Tuscany has launched a new website for tourists

Tuscany has launched a new website dedicated to tourism.

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Italians are passionate about social media

Italians are passionate about social media

The smartphones use are increasing for Italians, especially for the young, whose daily life has been completely revolutionized by social networks, market research group CENSIS said.

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We People new platform

Digital platform by Google for Meyer hospital

FLORENCE, ITALY – All family and hospital pediatricians in Tuscany will be able to work on the web.

The new platform We People will be part of a wider project, Laboratory for Innovation, set up with Noodle.

It allows sharing materials, attending conferences or taking part in surgery thanks to a new digital platform set up by Florence’s Mayer children’s hospital with Google for Work.

It will be possible to hook up operating theaters with hospitals in the United States, Australia and other countries with which the Meyer is already connected.

The network will use the Hangouts app for long-distance video meetings.
Laboratory for Innovation will provide support for Meyer’s and Florence University’s technological development and the development of personalized medicine systems, as well as training doctors, nurses and families.

Italy celebrates Internet Day on April 30

Italy celebrates 30 years of Internet connection

The Italian govenment announces Italy will mark the 30th anniversary of its connection to the Internet on April 30, 2016.

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ENEL CEO Farncesco Starace

ENEL’s plans to set up ultra-broadband in Florence

ENEL’s plans to set up ultra-broadband in Florence next autumn, Enel CEO Francesco Starace said on April 7, 2016.

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Crowdfunding in Italy generates 56.8 mln euros in 2015

Crowdfunding in Italy generates 56.8 mln euros

Crowdfunding initiatives in Italy have generated 56.8 million euros since the start of the year, a study said.

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Tuscan landscape (photo: Chiara Amadei)

Web tourism, Tuscany wins the best reputation

Tuscany wins the best reputation among the Italian tourist destinations as revealed by the survey Digital Tourism.

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The annual World Wide Web Conference is the premier international forum to present and discuss progress in research, development, standards, and applications of the topics related to the Web

WWW Conference to be host in Florence

The 24th International World Wide Web Conference (May 18–22, 2015) will take place at the Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy.

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Google Glass with frame

Using Google Glass at the Careggi Hospital

Two surgeons at the Careggi teaching hospital in Florence used Google Glass during an operation to extract a human liver for transplant.

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Google street view car

Google street view car spotted in Florence

The Google Street View car was spotted this afternoon in the historic center of Florence, Italy.

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