The underground path in Fortezza Basso

To see the city of Florence by its towers

Every summer, since June 24, a lot of Florence towers will be open for visits: Torre San Niccolò, Torre della Zecca and Porta Romana. In the summer 2018 two more extraordinary places are going to open their doors: Fortezza San Giovanni or Fortezza da Basso and Fortezza San Giorgio.

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#EnjoyRespectFirenze campaign is on in the city

All visitors of the city of Florence are encouraged to love and respect it. The Florence Experience is something unique and unforgettable.

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Collpsed bridge in Genoa

The recovery operations under the collapsed bridge in Genoa

Italian Firefighters and other rescue teams have been working since Tuesday August 14, 2018, to search for survivors among towering slabs of concrete wreckage after a bridge on the A10 motorway.

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Trekking across Tuscany to discover Etruscans sites

Hiking across Tuscany to discover Etruscan sites

Slow-tourism is what inspires the many trekking tours that stretch across the Region of Tuscany.

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Florence is the final prize for a Huawei contest

A photography trip to Florence is the prize for Huawei contest

Huawei has launched a photography contest with a trip to Florence as final prize.

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The third summer festival Uffizi Live is on

Third edition of Uffizi Live is on. It’s the summer festival of live performances taking place on each Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm from 12th June to 25th September.

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Burke Porter Group Announces Acquisition of Italian Company, Galileo TP Process Equipment

Burke Porter Group to acquire Galileo TP Process Equipment

Burke Porter Group, a leading global supplier of intelligent testing, instrumentation and assembly systems and solutions, today announced its acquisition of Galileo TP Process Equipment S.r.l. (Galileo), which is headquartered in Florence, Italy.

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Bad weather leaves beaches empty

Tourists grow in Tuscany, even in bad weather

Tuscany is confirmed as a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, even in bad weather.

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Here is the Oltrarno map edited by Airbnb hosts

The Oltrarno map edited by Airbnb hosts: four thematic itineraries on crafts and culture dedicated to those who want to know the city beyond the historical center.

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Google Doodle to celebrate Gino Bartali’s 104th Birthday

Google has celebrated Gino Bartali’s 104th birthday with a special Google Doodle on July 18, 2018.

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