Line 2 of the Florence Tramway Network will be ready by the end of 2018

FLORENCE, ITALY – Line 2 of the Florence Tramway Network will be ready for use by the end of 2018. The much-awaited news was announced in the course of a testing aboard the new T2 Vespucci, ran for members of the press by Dario Nardella, Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Florence, together with a delegation of technicians and contractors.

The new line 2 of the Tramway Network, which will be added to the existing T1 Leonardo, will connect Piazza dell’Unità, in the city centre, to Peretola Airport in 21 or 22 minutes.

T2 presents more challenges than T1 because its complex infrastructure will run across Palazzo Mazzoni, an underground station, and the imposing viaduct of San Donato. The test journey ran smoothly, causing no problems for the mobility or the infrastructure itself. The testing was an effective demonstration of the changes in the public transport system taking place in Florence and the Metropolitan area.

Florence’s traffic plan will be re-organised and tested, once Line 2 becomes fully operational. The same procedure was followed for T1 which today serves 62 thousand passengers a day, up from 40 thousand the same period last year. T1 is currently undergoing regular monitoring so that traffic lights can be implemented and optimised in the city’s most critical areas.

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