Ponte Vecchio in Florence

American tourist writes on Ponte Vecchio

FLORENCE, ITALY – An American tourist on Thursday night (August 23, 2018) wrote a message in English with marker pen on Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence.

The California woman, 29, risks a one-year suspended jail term and a 3,000-euro fine.

It was the second such episode in two days. An Austrian couple on their honeymoon in the Tuscan capital were caught by local police at 1:45 PM on Wednesday writing on the historic bridge.

The 39-year-old woman and 46-year-old man also used a marker to write their names in a heart on a wall of the bridge. They were caught in flagrante, however, and now will face the same penalties as the US tourist. The newlyweds said that they thought it was simply a romantic gesture.

Recently, the municipality of Florence has launched a campaign to all visitors to encourage them to love and respect it. #EnjoyRespectFirenze is the name of a campaign that focuses on correct behaviours to keep once you are in the city.

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  1. That’s horrible. My husband and I love Florence and would never think of doing that. People visiting from another place need to respect the place they are visiting. We live in the states in a tourist area and understand how frustrating it can be when our season is packed with tourists and snow birds. I understand there are now rules about eating and litering on the steps and on the streets in certain areas by the Ufizi. It should be that way. Again we need to respect the location and the people who live and work there. Will be in Florence next spring. We rent an apartment and enjoy your beautiful city. Can’t wait.

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