Collpsed bridge in Genoa

The recovery operations under the collapsed bridge in Genoa

FLORENCE, ITALY – Italian Firefighters and other rescue teams have been working since Tuesday August 14, 2018, to search for survivors among towering slabs of concrete wreckage after a bridge on the A10 motorway linking Genoa to France gave way sending dozens of vehicles crashing onto a a railway, two warehouses and a river.

The victims are actually 38 according to the Italian authorities, but 10-20 people are still missing. The causes of the collapse are still unknown, but no external event has caused it. The prevailing hypothesis is a structural failure in a bridge, built in the 60s, which was under maintenance for many years.

The Morandi viaduct, named after the engineer who built it, is currently flying over the Bravo helicopter of the Italian Fire Brigade, who are still engaged with the dog units in the recovery operations.

Lega Serie A has postponed Sampdoria vs Fiorentina and Milan vs Genoa following the Morandi Bridge disaster in Genoa on Tuesday. The matches will be rescheduled in due course.


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