Here is the Oltrarno map edited by Airbnb hosts

FLORENCE, ITALY – Four thematic itineraries on crafts and culture dedicated to those who want to know the city beyond the historical center.

The heart of Florence is great, and the Airbnb host community gives it a voice with a map that rediscovers a historical and authentic area of ​​the city: the Oltrarno. A place that embraces neighborhoods like Santo Spirito and San Frediano where to find, even today, a lively and pulsating city thanks to the artisans’ shops and monuments that tell their story.

This guide, created with the input of the Home Sharing Club in Florence – the heart of the local Airbnb host community – is built with the collaboration of important local realities such as the Florence Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Italian Heritage World Heritage UNESCO and ALIA, wants to tell a less known, yet extraordinary Florence; It is designed to help you find the authentic places in the area, but also to explain how to be a good temporary citizen. The initiative is part of an extensive project to promote sustainable tourism, which in the coming months will see the Airbnb community involved in various initiatives alongside local partners.

Download the free Airbnb hosts map for Oltrarno area in Florence, Italy.

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