Villa Bibbiani in Limite (Florence)

Villa Bibbiani sold for 10 million euros

FLORENCE, ITALY – Over 20 million euros will be invested for Villa Bibbiani, in the Capraia e Limite municipality of the Florence province. The historic estate renowned for its botanical garden was sold for about 10 million euros to an American baron.

The estate consists of 380 hectares of terrain with a scenic owner’s villa boasting two towers alongside a farm with canteens and stables covering 9,800 square meters. There is also a 20-hectare botanical garden with exotic Oriental plants and a romantic park dating back to the nineteenth century.

The villa, cited for the first time in a 1546 document that called it the “feudal lands of the Frescobaldi family”, remained in the hands of the noble Florentine family until 1809, when – on the death of Anastasia Frescobaldi – it went to her son, Cosimo Ridolfi (1794-1865). Ridolfi, who was a well-known public figure in that era, created the botanical garden and the romantic park adjacent to the villa, containing some 195 varieties of camellias.

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