The free controlled wi-fi connection in the Uffizi Gallery is now available

A new digital season for the Uffizi Gallery

FLORENCE, ITALY – The new website opens a brand new season for the Uffizi Galleries: a new stage in which the public can  enter into direct contact with the institution (which includes the Vasari Complex, Pitti Palace, and Boboli Gardens), created as an independent structure in 2014.

This has also been an opportunity to create a new website that could be adapted to the requirements of current standards and regulations.

«The first step – the Uffizi official website report – was to ensure the closure of a whole plethora of false websites making use of the previously unprotected Uffizi domain. There were many of them, mainly set up to sell overpriced tickets. Some, unfortunately, are still online because they were set up outside Italy and taking them down requires time and lengthy lawsuits. In the meantime, however, the impact of information that comes directly from us will have its own decisive effect».

Uffizi has tried to create digital architecture with a functional nature that asserts itself and is as thorough as possible. The process is still in fieri, but the Uffizi aim is to include all the Galleries’ collections, inserting every work on display by next year.

The new Uffizi Gallery logo
The new Uffizi Gallery logo

Uffizi has also created a brand (protected by copyright) that will be the universally recognised trademark of the Uffizi Galleries in the future: a G (Gallery) and U (Uffizi), woven together and set on backgrounds of different colours according to the relative sections, and these act as an additional guide.

The administration are using gold for the Gallery of the Statues and Paintings, and for the whole Vasari Complex; red for Pitti Palace, and green for the Boboli Gardens.

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