Florence aerial view (Geography by Wikipedia)

Florence drops in the Quality of Life Chart

FLORENCE, ITALY – The northern city of Ravenna is number one in overall quality of life, Il Sole 24 Ore financial newspaper said Monday in its 25th annual ranking of 107 Italian cities. Bad news for Florence: the Tuscan capital drops in ranking from 7th to 16th place.  Agrigento on the southern coast of Sicily is the worst Italian city to live in, the paper said in its annual ranking based on criteria such as environment, employment, and public services.

Rome rose to 12th place this year from 20th in 2013, while Milan advanced two places to 10th this year. The majority of cities in the top 10 are northeastern mountain towns or those in the north-central Emilia-Romagna region. Naples rose from last place in 2013 to 96th in 2014, the spot that 107th-ranked Agrigento held last year.

Ravenna is famous for being the place were poet Dante lived after he was exiled from Florence in 1318. He completed his Divine Comedy in the city, and was buried there following his death in 1321.

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