Artimino, 250 guests for the “Tribute to Versace”

FLORENCE, ITALY – More than 250 people have admired the vintage dresses by Gianni Versace, in a luxury-mood evening, to celebrate the genius of Gianni Versace winking to solidarity. The first “Tribute to Versace” in Artimino brought ten models parading down the stairs of the “Villa of  Hundred Chimneys”, designed by Buontalenti and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Artimino's stairs where the fshion parade took place - photo Tranchese
Artimino’s stairs where the fshion parade took place – photo Tranchese

At sunset was staged the parade of vintage clothing designed by Gianni Versace, a private collection of 35 dresses of the Eighties and Nineties, including the jacket worn by Lady Gaga during the concerts of his latest world tour.

The parade had as protagonists the garments in the collection of Antonio Caravano, and evening gowns worn by the supermodel of those years, from Liz Hurley to Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, and the colorful shirts of the Miami collection. Models were maked-up and styled by HM Make-up Italy.

Models on the stairs of Artimino - photo Tranchese
Models on the stairs of Artimino – photo Tranchese

It were projected some unpublished photos of Gianni Versace working, pics taken by the historical photographer of the family, Roberto Granata. Some images were auctioned by the Fondazione Roberto Granata and collected payments donated to Telethon.

Duccio Venturi's shoe for Versace - photo Tranchese
Duccio Venturi’s shoe for Versace – photo Tranchese

Outside the Villa of the Hundred Chimneys, where to animate the arrival of the guests was a group of models with t-shirts GoldStar, was also staged a series of corners with international luxury products – including the Dutch designer jewelry Claudia Hamers, bags and shoes by My7Ways and Duccio Venturi,  with these two companies that created a collection of products specifically for the “tribute” – and after the show the clothes placée a dinner was held in the grass in front of the villa .

Photos are by Tranchese Photographers. The event was sponsored by Porsche and Mediolanum.

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